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TalentBank 5.0 Online Resources
Written by Nathan Price   
Thursday, 23 March 2006

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ImageTalentBank® 5.0 provides a uniquely different approach to the assessment, selection and management of all corporate human capital. This new system architecture was specifically designed to drastically simplify the user’s experience through the use of a talent portal, which offers a broad array of resources and services based on an individual’s roles and responsibilities. This new approach to talent management will broaden our client partners’ use and understanding of the Talent Plus selection and development technologies, attracting a larger user community and enabling a more integrated approach to building a Talent-Based OrganizationSM.


Talent Plus Administration – Talent Plus will no longer need to rely on software development partners to manage and create Talent Plus and client-specific questions, themes, interviews, languages, benchmarks, adiences, etc. Real-time system updates will no longer require staging and scheduled rollouts. This unique administrative capability will also allow us to create organizations and assign interviews to these organizations within minutes! What would take up to seven days to create now takes a matter of minutes, enabling Talent Plus the opportunity to continually meet new business opportunities without delay.

Better Management of Interview Certification – Talent Plus will be able to manage the interview certification and recertification process for each client partner. A user of the system will only have access to conduct interviews based on their active certification. System administrators have the ability to restrict access after a certification expires, keeping clients more proactive in scheduling recertification and ensuring the most effective use of the Talent Plus interviewing technology. In addition, this new application will track certification by interview type and language and restrict a user from only seeing the interview in the language it was assigned.


Scheduling Enhancements – We have made the interview file creation process more efficient by refining the collection of data, resulting in fewer keystrokes and quicker and more accurate interview file creation. This includes locale formatting based on the interviewee’s country to ensure contact information is properly collected and can be readily shared with other client applications. The new scheduling functionality will also support loosely coupled integration with Microsoft Outlook, thus enabling events to be posted to a user’s Outlook Calendar with a direct link to the related interview file in TalentBank.

E-mail Notification Enhancement – A scheduler will have the option to automatically notify individuals regarding a scheduled interview, including interviewers, interviewees and interview requestors.

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